Ashley was born in 1992 and lived in Evergreen, CO until she moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2010 to attend the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.

Throughout her life, she has always loved artistic challenges: painting, taking pictures, scrapbooking, drawing, writing stories and fashion. As a child, she loved fun and informational books and magazines, and continues to love them to this day. Traveling is one of Ashley’s huge passions, and she has been to Europe, Jamaica, Mexico and other countries in Central America. She loves snowmobiling and jet skiing, and learned to dirt bike before she learned to ride a bicycle.

In elementary and middle school, she discovered that she had a natural knack for writing and spelling and continued to pursue tasks involving such skills. During her high school career, she excelled in writing as well as her AP biology class. She also excelled in graphic design and leadership, and was appointed as a senior co-editor of the Evergreen High School yearbook. In that role she oversaw yearbook reporters, took photos, designed layouts, wrote and edited text, and attended a yearbook seminar where she learned the basics of many design programs.

In May 2014, Ashley will have earned a Bachelor’s degree in journalism after working mostly as a multimedia journalist, but after also pursuing a minor in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Arizona State University. 

Ashley has a passion for animal and human rights activism, art and DIY projects, interior decorating, photography, travel and life, and hopes to better the world through her knowledge and craft in the media world.